Zamperla is fun, speed, technology, innovation: a company that has established itself in the world of entertainment for the realization of attractions and amusement parks.

ZLAB - The design thinking process
We started talking with Zamperla following his collaboration with Innovation Strategy, a strategic consultancy born from as a spin-off of the Ca ‘Foscari Venice University Faculty of Economics.
Through active collaboration with all the players, we have supported the transformation of the business plan into a workplace briefing and then in a design project.


The first step has been the creation of a vocabulary that allowed Zamperla to play with visual elements that translate the business strategy into operational strategy.
So we conducted meetings and explorations in the company and with the teams will operate in the future space, studying collaborative processes, relationships and how to draw around them an ideal place open to further development.

Facilitate the transformation of a business plan into a design brief

ZLAB - Building a vocabulary

Design as a process: support the company in its jurney to innovation

From the listening and the analysis activities, we have built a work-space design that facilitates the organizational performance, the commitment and the well-being of the employees. A place designed to host a system of practices that mutually reinforce each other to create synergies, and which can change over time.


Moving design from the project to the process let us be effective in translating the company’s strategy by supporting it in its innovation process.
Credits: A project for Zamperla by Tipic.