Beyond the imitation of natural stone, Vulcans is a collection of industrial synthetic stones specifically designed for the bespoke market.

Matter. The fist step in the process of shaping Offmat, the new business unit designed for Marmo Arredo, has been creating a unique new matter. A new matter that could open the doors of the bespoke market to Quartzforms, che group atelier for quartz manufacturing.


We designed a collection of impossible stones that have unique qualities and identities thanks to a careful mix of quartz and pigments. These stones have been designed to offer designers and architects a new idea of​quartz surfaces inspired by natural stone but not imitating anyone. In this way we have enhanced a production process and a material technology to create a unique product.

Vulcans: impossible stones designed for designers

Vulcans is inspired by volcanoes, the places where the nature creates and blends matters.
The collection of 5 surfaces offers colors and blends designed to be used in association with owood, textiles and other materials in bespoke interior projects to meet the requirements of different cultures and approaches.
Offmat Vulcans by Tipic for Quartzforms
Offmat Vulcans by Tipic for Quartzforms
Credits: A project for Offmat, Marmo Arredo Research Laboratory.
Marketing Strategy & Business Unit Plan by Tipic.
Offmat Vulcans is a product by Quartzforms.
Product Concept and Design by Tipic.
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