Tulèr is an absolute first in the field of integration between furniture, material and user experience.

Tulèr is a kitchen that weighs, cooks or whashes thanks to the presence of weight sensors, gesture control and touch surfaces.


There’s no screen interface.


The top is designed to let users have an intuitive experience, making everyday actions easy.
With a gesture of the hand it is possible, without any physical contact, to turn a counter area into a sink or to adjust the water jet (think when you are cooking and you have wet or dusted hands).

Functional minimalism through technology: just you, your action and the resulting response

The countertop area is weight-sensitive and provides the weight value through a light signal, but can also share data by bluetooth to other devices.
It’s possible to cook directly on the top thanks to the development of a custom induction system integrated in the counter.
It recharges the phone too, as the top has an integrated wireless charger.

Tulèr is intimately related to the Italian food tradition

Tulèr is an old dialectical word in Modena – the Italian town that boasts the origin of tortellini – and identifies the traditional marble work table to make pasta by hand: a rustic table with a marble top, equipped with integrated roller shutter and extractable cutting boards.


Offmat Tulèr is a contemporary interpretation of this tradition, a kitchen that integrates the most contemporary and accessible technologies into a hi-performing material, making cooking simpler.
Offmat Tuler Sink
Offmat Tuler Scale
Tulèr houses a number of modular, responsive functions designed and developed ad hoc within the Offmat project:


  • Invisible sink: moving bottom sink and water jet controled by gesture control
  • Invisible scale: the countertop provides the weight of elements through light signals
  • Induction system integrated in the same worktop


There are also:


  • A wireless charging system for mobile devices
  • An automatic tray control system


> Discover the research laboratory developed for Marmo Arredo Group: Offmat
Tulèr, the first ever responsive kitchen
The edge of the kitchen top is polygonal, resulting from a computer controlled machining refined by craftsmen work. The result is a rithm of concave and convex volumes. The countertop is a unique piece thanks to “Marmo Arredo Invisible Line®” worldwide patent for the invisible joining of multiple slabs.


The kitchen layout is innovative too. It comes from the study of chefs movements inside the kitchen during the cooking process. As Tuleèr is an open top, a “workshop” wall works as a “support area” housing all the tools and the other devices.
The “workshop” wall of Tuleèr can be hidden by a sliding doors system that mounts lightweight quartz doors decorated with bas-relief of dolomite level curves.

The stone slab processing is pushed to the limit of the existing technical possibilities

Tuler, the first responsive kitchen ever, by TIPIC
Credits: A project for Offmat, Marmo Arredo Research Laboratory.
Marketing Strategy & Business Unit Plan by Tipic.
Product Concept and Design by Tipic.
Electronic Design by Tipic & Eggtronic.
Photo by Max Rommel, Giorgio De Vecchi, Marco Dal Maso.