Albed makes architecture elements: aluminum doors, dividers and furnishing systems.

Albed Omnibook - Nile
Albed’s reference market has deeply changed from a primarily consumer target to that of bespoke interiors.


The transition from the b2c market to the b2b market required a radical change of vision. This affects how products are explained, told, illustrated.

A vision change in the transition from b2c to b2b

Albed Omnibook - Prima
Albed Omnibook - Ri-vista
Albed Omnibook - Quinta
With Omnibook we proposed a new approach to communication: documenting to implement and exciting to engage.
Albed Omnibook - Beat

A technical content through the aesthetics of architectural detail: archi–porn

The catalog complements the products as it discloses its potentials to the designer. It becomes a design tool itself.


Each product section begins with a mood-board that reveals the technical potential and the customisation possibilities of a product line. Designers and architects are engaged by an emotional aesthetic of architectural details.
Albed Omnibook - Solo
Albed Omnibook - Integra
Credits: A project for Albed.
Creative direction by Tipic.
Graphic Design by Luca Bossi.