End 2015: Marmo Arredo calls for a new kitchen prototype project, considered necessary to participate in Eurocucine / Salone del Mobile 2016 as a new brand.

We have therefore proposed a different strategy

This assignment was rejected because it is considered inconsistent with the company’s role in the market: Marmo Arredo, together with Quartzforms and Eulithe, represents – and needs to be further strengthened – a highly specialized group in the processing and production of stone materials destined for building and furnishing. Not the latest brand of kitchens.

We have therefore proposed a different strategy

We have therefore proposed a different strategy: to start up a new business unit that collects the know-how tested over the years by Marmo Arredo and focuses on research on innovative materials and technology testing by translating both advanced solutions for the BtoB market as well as new iconic products for niche markets and not competitive compared to the traditional dynamics of the third party.
Tipic Offmat Topics
We focused on the three industrial areas where Marmo Arredo developped his strongest core competencies: the production of composite quartz surfaces, the machining of stones for the production of kitchen plans and the technological implementation.
This is how Offmat, the Marmo Arredo Research Lab, is born, combining industrial excellence, contemporary research and design to develop innovative products based on company know-how and experimentation in the field of new technologies and materials.
The role of OFFMAT is to fuel the virtuous flywheel of growth and profitability for all Marmo Arredo brands, consolidating its primacy in quality, know-how, reliability and innovation capability to reach higher market shares.

This is how Offmat, the Marmo Arredo Research Lab, is born

Tuler, the first responsive kitchen ever, by TIPIC

At Eurocucina 2016 Offmat comes with Tulèr, the first kitchen that is responsive

A completely new and highly performing kitchen, which acts as a demonstration platform for hi-tech solutions and whose form pushes the limit, exalting them, the production and processing capabilities of Marmo Arredo.
Tulèr is an old dialectical word in Modena – the Italian town that boasts the origin of tortellini – and identifies the traditional marble work table to make pasta by hand
> Discover the world’s first responsive kitchen: Tulèr

A set of responsive, modular, integrated solutions for the b2b market

In the Tulèr kitchen, we combine the most advanced gesture-intuitive interaction technologies to obtain sensitive and reactive surfaces by providing a modular system of integrated solutions to the platform offered to the BtoB market
Each solution has been designed to facilitate – through natural hand gestures – the main actions that are commonly performed in the kitchen: washing, preparing and cooking. All solutions are modular and allow you to realise a customized kitchen.
In collaboration with Quartzforms, we have also developed a collection of synthetic stones that have unique qualities and identities thanks to a careful mix of quartz and pigments.
These stones have been designed to offer designers and architects a new idea of quartz surfaces inspired by natural stone but not imitating any of them. Inspired by the volcanoes, the places where nature creates and amalgams the materials, they have taken over the names.

Vulcans: impossible stones designed for designers

> Synthetic stones designed for the bespoke market: Vulcans
OFFMAT stands at the Salone del Mobile 2016 as an example of an excellent team capable of innovation with high-end industrial partners, achieving a remarkable breakthrough among the industry players who have shown great interest , attracting Important industrial groups of other product sectors.
Thanks to engaging storytelling we have generated tremendous score in terms of visibility and return printing:
  • 1 of the 8 trends of the 2016 Milano Design Week for Dezeen Magazine.


  • 3 videos with more than 38 millions views on the web.


  • more than 100 press articles published all over the world.
Credits: A project for Offmat, Marmo Arredo Research Laboratory.


Business Unit Design & Marketing Strategy by Tipic.
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Photo by Max Rommel & Giorgio De Vecchi.