#tipic #italiangestures is the result of the collaboration of leading companies who, along with Tipic, believe in the value of experimental research in the field of innovative applications

#tipic #italiangestures first preview was held at BIFFI, the eminent fashion talent scout, who chose to collaborate with Tipic at Milano Design Week for the third consecutive year.
ZAMPERLA believes that continual development of new and innovative products is part of its success. To support this belief, Zamperla invests constantly in the research and development of new and innovative amusement rides.
For #italiangestures, Zamperla developed the gesture control equipments offering its know-how in research and development.
FUSINA is a multidisciplinary company characterized by innovation and experimentation with a diversified portfolio of projects ranging from retail to visual merchandising.
For #italiangestures, Fusina produced and setted up the installations. They can make real the ideas born from the synergy of different minds.
SIGMA MOTION has developed the automation systems; 45 ENGINEERING, which along with Tipic, has engineered the mechanical interactions; ALAM PER COMUNICARE has supported the project with his deep experience in communication; FERAPPI INDUSTRIA SERIGRAFICA who has applied his advanced printing technologies.
#tipic #italiangestures,
a project by TIPIC
premiered at BIFFI showcases


Idea, Creative Direction & Project Management: TIPIC
Interaction Design: ZAMPERLA
Installation by: FUSINA
Automation Design: SIGMA MOTION
Engineering Design: 45 ENGINEERING with TIPIC
Texts by: Alessio Alberini
Web interaction: Alberto Speggiorin
Video: Twin Pixel Studio
Video teaser: TIPIC with Andrea Manticò
Photos: Twin Pixel Studio, Marco Dal Maso, Tipic


Special thanks to Stefano Bertapelle