Our exhibit design traced a journey along the multiple universal expos to explain to the public what an EXPO is, it’s significance today, and the theme chosen to represent such an important event.
Utilizing a multimedia installation that employed a 12 meter long table on which the images were projected, we were able to explain not only Italy’s uniqueness but its richness and health aspects of the country nutrition which are based on food variety and quality.
The book was designed as an important tool to promote the message of the show. The manual illustrates, by use of infographics, the expo contents, preparing the Italian public to the Expo.
Credits: A project for Expo Milano 2015.
Concept by Aldo Cibic, Chuck Felton and Tommaso Corà.
Creative Direction by Tommaso Corà (Tipic) for Cibicworkshop.
Graphics by Facci & Pollini. Photo by Fabrizio Marchesi.
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