Is there a distinctiveness that characterizes an Italian food place and makes it recognizable in the world?
This was the challenge in Ca’puccino’s project, leading an identity development work to boost the brand through the creation of the new London’s and Milano’s restaurants.
We developed an original look, which was created by utilizing a mix of natural stones and materials. The finishing gives Ca’puccino an unique and distinguishable feel within the world of Harrods.
We have implemented in the Ca’puccino brand the idea of a restaurant as a vital place 24 hours a day, tracing a calendar of activities that make Ca’puccino a destination place along the whole day.


In the new restaurant interior design project we have maintained the existing characterizing features that made Ca’puccino recognizable, leading a delicate job of upgrading and functional improvement.
Credits: A project for Ca’puccino. Design and Project Management by Tipic with Cibicworkshop. Graphic Design with Alessandro Maffioletti and Martina Uderzo.