UNA is the official wine made for Italian Republic 150th anniversary.
The creation of its unique bottle has been a journey through the italian tradition, history and culture. Our goal has been to develop a strong identity design that could represent the country’s heritage.


Designing “the Italian wine bottle” meant conducting a deep research in the history of glass, in the production and conservation of wine, in the history and in the culture of the country.
The bottle has been produced in a limited series in 3 sizes: 0.75 liters (Standard), 1.5 liters (Magnum) and 3 liters (Jéroboan).


The 150 Jeroboam bottles of UNA were used by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, as a gift to other presidents across the world on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.
The InAlto collection was lauched as the top range wine tasting glasses collection by Bormioli Rocco. It combines elegance and technology: the glasses utilize Star Glass technology (formidable transparency) as well as XTL technology (robust resistance).


The design of the colletcion has been based on specific studies from some of the greatest Italian university on “the interaction between aroma and flavors and the glass volume geometry”.


With this collection, Bormioli Rocco reached new industrial limits in glass thickness, linearity and edges definition.
UNA Wine Credits: A project for Veronafiere. Creative direction & graphics: Riccardo Facci & Facci & Pollini. UNA Wine bottle design by Tommaso Cora (Tipic) and Aldo Cibic. UNA Wine bottle production by Bormioli Rocco. Photo by Pietro Chillesotti.


InAlto Glasses Credits: A project for Bormioli Rocco. Design by Tommaso Cora (Tipic) and Aldo Cibic.