Our collaboration with Albed in the company creative direction includes product design, the flagship showroom concept in the historical center of Milano and the development of a new brand communication.
Albed Quadra
The work  started with the definition of a new vocabulary allowing the company to express itself in front of new interlocutors. We reached this result declining a set of communication tools for a professional market.
Albed technical content disclosure
Albed technical content disclosure
We have consequently developed a range of products that complemented the company’s offer for the contract market (b2b) to encourage designers to choose them in their projects.
Albed Integra
INTEGRA is the first double flush door on the market. It eliminates cover profiles and visible jambs creating a perfect continuity of wall and door. Available in an infinite array of materials and applications these doors are completely customizable and adjustable on 3 axes.
RI-VISTA allows different walk-in closet combinations with a single aluminium profile fixed on the wall or on the ceiling. This technical feature simplifies projects and the multiple configuration obtainable.
Albed Quadra door
Albed Quadra door
In creating a business platform for b2b marketing, we designed the first company’s flagship store, located in the “design district” of Milan, next to the famous “Montenapoleone area”.


Here we presented the last catalogue that launches the new Albed language, a technical and sensual approach to represent the products possible applications.


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Albed Ri-vista
A project for Albed.
Creative direction by Tipic.
Photos by Paolo Festa (Tipic).