Tipic stories Chapter 3: Inside out

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⁄ In·side ⁄ out ⁄

As completely as possible; thoroughly. Action or activity that is done very carefully and in a detailed way so that nothing is forgotten.

Albed Omnibook - Prima
The product is just the beginning.


It is the result of long and patient work by the designer who, thanks to a strategy able to point the direction, has managed to overcome the major obstacles found along the way. We call it Design Thinking.


But this is just the beginning.

The product is just the beginning

For the company, the product is the baton to pass, with perfect gestures and in a limited space, to those who wait for it, to apply it, to use it, to implement it. With full mutual trust. As in a relay race, this is the most delicate phase, which can cause victory or defeat.

A rational, conscious public, bluff intolerant but sensitive to emotional engagement.

Story telling and product explaining require sensitivity and specific skills that allow the strategist, the designer, and the communicator to sit together to mark a coherent path that can overcome the challenges they will face. To create the perfect baton.


Telling other designers about the potential of a product is not easy. It requires intellectual honesty and abstraction abilities to engage a rational, conscious public. Bluff intolerant but sensitive to emotional engagement.


To achieve these results, a message is needed to be able to  disclose content to support implementations, engaging to excite. Simultaneously and synergistically.
This is a paradigm shift that is generating a revolution in B2B communication, marking that dialogue is a prerogative of humans rather than organizations. Which actually are more and more in search of a character, a tone of voice, a personality.
Albed Omnibook - Quinta
Thus  a new pornography has emerged, which exposes a sensational catalog of aesthetic dreams, linked to the most diverse domains, from food to services, from architecture surfaces to design products. An approach to communication that, simultaneously and synergistically, discloses content to support implemention and excites to engage.
With Omnibook, the new catalogue for Albed, we wanted to do just that: to use the aesthetics of architectural detail and let that detail, that cure, that intuition, be free to express. We did it by revealing and allowing the inside to be worth as much as the outside, becoming a sensual instrument that excites, documenting.


The extrusion matrices and the finishing collection are explained together , showing their most intimate and warm detail, in a representation of  man’s ability.

A sensual catalog of aesthetic dreams: disclosing content to support implementation and exciting to engage.

For Dlight, having to tell about a colorless technology as is light, we went even further, revealing what else it would never have been possible to see.
Dlight - No Stop
Dlight - No Stop
In depth


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