Plant a forest!

A Tipic local initiative: start the new year with a good seed.

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Plant a forest!
It is said that at Christmas we are all better so we decided to give us Beeches, Maples, Firs, White Firs, Larches, Frassini, Birches and Sorbi.


To do that, we want to support an ambitious crowdfunding campaign promoted by PlanBee, Treedom and Veneto Agricoltura which aims to replant trees in the woods of the Veneto region and restore part of its lost vegetation. On 29 October 2018, storms of unusual violence destroyed entire forests in the north-east of Italy: an immense number of centuries-old trees were razed to the ground by gusts and whirlwinds of very strong intensity. 100,000 hectares have been damaged and millions of trees felled.


And you? Have you new year’s positive resolutions?
Support the project too!
Crowdfunding at link:

Plant a forest! Take part at the crowdfunding at

Tipic tries to be good all the year long.
We are good by DNA, as we wrote in our B-Corp corporate bylaws.
In addition to profit objectives, we aim to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

We use businesses as a force for good.

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