We mixed material technology with sensors and mechanics know-how to obtain responsive surfaces.

Offmat, the business unit conceived Tipic for Marmo Arredo, develops new technologies and experiments new possibilities with present ones to elevate the company’s know how and his quality perception.

Designing New Materials


Working with Quartzforms, we developed a collection of synthetic stones that have unique technical qualities and identity.
Created from a rigorous mix of quartzes and pigments, these stones have been created to offer designers and architects a new idea of quartz surfaces inspired by natural stone but imitating no one. Offmat’s quartzs are identified with vulcan’s names, the place where nature mixes matters.

Modular technology solutions
worktop –integrated


We mixed material technology with sensors and mechanics know-how to obtain responsive surfaces. With this approach we designed specific devices integrated in the worktop, one each for the main actions that usually occur on the kitchen worktop: washing, preparing, cooking

Tuler, the first responsive kitchen


Tulér is a brand new highly performant completely responsive kitchen. We designed a sharp shape that challenges the structural and processing limits of stone, experimenting the new Offmat quarts surfaces together a complete set of invisible worktop integrated devices.
Tuler, the first responsive kitchen ever, by TIPIC
Tuler is an old dialect word from Modena, the italian city where “tortellini” come from, and identifies the traditional marble work table to make pasta by hand.
Integrating technology with matter we enhanced stone and quarts surfaces qualities and properties, proposing a new approch to kitchen devices.
Credits: A project for Offmat, Marmo Arredo Research Laboratory.
Marketing Strategy & Business Unit Plan by Tipic.
Product Concept and Design by Tipic.
Electronic Design by Tipic & Eggtronic.
Photo by Max Rommel & Giorgio De Vecchi.