#italiangestures is a research project on gesture control technologies and how this interaction can open up new applications in the relations between people, objects and spaces



We are interconnected. The smartphone has become the necessary personal remote of our lives. But if all this could be overcome?
We are witnessing a new leap in the integration of technology in daily life: the migration of automation industry know-how in objects and spaces we experience everyday.


Tipic, after the presentation of Offmat’s Tuler, the first ever made responsive kitchen, presents a research project on gesture control interaction to investigate how this technology can open to new application in everyday relation between people, objects and spaces.


A project made possible thanks to a bold teamwork between pioneer players: Biffi Group, who presents the project within its own space in Milano; Zamperla who contributes with his know-how in innovation and entertainment; Fusina and his unique experience in kinetic installations; Sigma Motion leader in automation systems for industry, 45 Engineering, which along with Tipic, has engineered the mechanical interactions, Alam per Comunicare with his deep experience in communication and Ferappi who has applied his advanced printing technologies.


“We were inspired by the typical Italian gesture habit.
An Italian speaks more with gestures than with words, instinctively, and we are probably not aware of our ability to garnish a speech using our hands and their possible movements. We wanted to illustrate the developments of our research on gesture interaction and what better way to emphasize it if being ironic about the very Italian custom to speak with our hands.”


3 kinematics installations interact with the public driven from people’s movements thanks to gesture control technologies




BIFFI Boutiques
Corso Genova 6,
Milano, Italy


Milano Design Week
from 3rd to 10th April 2017


Press preview:
3rd April 2017
from 3.00pm to 6.00pm


5th April 2017
from 6.00pm to 9.00pm
BIFFI presents
#italiangestures, a project by TIPIC
in partnership with ZAMPERLA and FUSINA


#italiangestures colophone
Idea, Creative Direction & Project Management: TIPIC
Interaction Design: ZAMPERLA
Installation by: FUSINA
Automation Design: SIGMA MOTION
Engineering Design: 45 ENGINEERING with TIPIC
Texts by: Alessio Alberini
Web: Alberto Speggiorin
Video: Andrea Manticò


Photo by Twinpixelvideo